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Utrust Coin Review | UTK Contract Address- Is Utrust Coin a good investment?


In 2017, Filipe Castro, Roberto Machado, Nuno Correia, and a team of elite developers and computer scientists from around the world established Utrust

From 2017 till date, Utrust has contributed greatly to the finance and payment industry.

If the idea of Utrust interests you, then walk with us as we examine the potentials of this great project and understand what it stands for.

We will cover what Utrust is all about, how much Utrust is worth, how you can buy, and whether it’s the right investment to make.

What Is Utrust Coin?

Utrust is a prominent cryptocurrency payment solution that aims to revolutionize the finance and payments industry while also addressing the shortcomings of existing payment systems by allowing merchants to execute speedy transactions and get immediate crypto-to-cash settlements.

Utrust utilizes the power of blockchain to unburden the challenges of the transaction between merchants by modernizing the finance industry and simplifying the interaction involving merchants and consumers, rendering payments cheaper, faster, and safer.

UTK is the Ethereum-based token of Utrust platform and offers advantages such as no-fee payment in the platform which implies that transactions made with UTK are free.

Interesting features of Utrust Coin

  • Fast, secure, and cheap payment.

Buying through Utrust means fast, secured transactions, as easy as tapping a button. Your interest as a buyer is ultimately protected.

  • Accept most digital currency

Utrust accepts payments in all major digital currencies and tokens (ERC20). Their adaptable option enables users to use whatever digital assets best suit them.

  • Send and request payment at no cost

You can send electronic money to family, friends, and loved ones or request money exchange for your goods or services with the help of Utrust at No cost.

  • The risk of buying is lower

Utrust protects the interest of the buyer as much as the seller using traditional and modern methods covering all purchases.

  • Very Low Transaction fee

While services like Paypal charges sellers a 2.5 – 5% fee on payment made, Utrust charges the vendor just 1% for the payment received.

  • Less fraud

Utrust uses blockchain technology to prevent credit card theft. They allow Users have complete ownership of their keys and funds.

How Utrust transactions work

  • As a buyer, you can pay for any cryptocurrency, benefiting from the reduced conversion fees, you can also use the Utrust token at zero charges.
  • To insulate sellers from market instability, Utrust changes funds into contemporary money.
  • The cash in foreign currency (which can be transferred to another cryptocurrency, withdrawn to a bank account, or held in a wallet) is received by the seller.

Utrust Team

Utrust Team is made of talented individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and skills, as well as an enthusiasm for emerging technology.

Utrust Token Team members
Picture from azcoinnews

The team is led by Sanja Kon (CEO) and other dedicated individuals.


If you’re searching for a virtual currency that could provide a decent return on your investment, UTK could be a suitable choice.
As at 2021-11-20, UTRUST price is 0.4079 USD. If you invest $100 today, you will receive a total of 245.153 UTK.
From estimation, your investment could be roughly +361.39 percent after a 5-year.
Investing more than $100 could secure a whole lot of profit for you in the nearest future.

Utrust Token Contract Address

The verified UTrust Token contract address is  0xdc9Ac3C20D1ed0B540dF9b1feDC10039Df13F99c

As we have always advised, if need be, it is better you copy the address than type each digit which thus can lead to a mistake.

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Utrust is a popular cryptocurrency payment solution that seeks to transform the finance and payments sector while also addressing the flaws of existing payment systems by allowing merchants to execute speedy transactions and receive instant crypto-to-cash settlements.

The main objective of Utrust is to allow customers to carry out secure transactions while simultaneously providing a refundable alternative and shielding vendors from the crypto market’s unpredictability.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes and should not be taken as financial advice. Our target is to help readers understand more about the Utrust project and nothing more.


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