How to buy Pixelverse Coin- A Step by Step Guide

In this article, we will examine how profitable the Pixelverse coin is and explain step-by-step, how you can buy the Pixelverse coin.

What is Pixelverse coin?

Pixelverse coin (PIXEL) is a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum network and a next-generation content platform.

Launched in 2021, Pixelverse coin supports communities and content creators to digitalize their assets using cutting-edge blockchain, the universe, and NFT technology.

It is peer-to-peer, open-source and similar to Bitcoin and can be gotten easily at a low rate.

Pixelverse coin boosts a current supply of 1,000,000,000 and currently trading on over 6 different active markets.  (This is projected to increase with time, so there maybe more before you get to read this).

In the last 48 hours,  $16,750,932.33 has been traded.

With the debut of Pixelverse currency, users will have access to a whole new set of services.

Is Pixelverse coin a good investment or a bad investment?

If you are interested in a virtual currency with a high chance of a good return, the Pixelverse coin is a great investment option to consider.

The price of Pixelverse coin as of the 12th day of November 2021 is 0.00437 USD.

The turnover will be roughly +1186.04 percent after a 5-year investment.

Pixel Token

The PixelVerse platform economy is powered by the PIXEL token. Community members and users can use PIXEL for payments, mining, exchange, governance, and farming.

NFT Marketplace

PixelVerse coin NFT Marketplace

PixelVerse claims that the system would offer the industry’s lowest seller charges, at just 1.25 percent, in hopes of attracting many artists to the NFT Marketplace.

Half of the fees will be paid to a reserve wallet, which will be used to buy back and burn PIXEL Tokens.

Users can also buy a lot of virtual land at NFT Marketplace PixelVerse. They can fully customize their virtual land in this virtual world. PIXEL Benefits will also be available to users having genesis land NFTs.

Who are the team behind the Pixelverse coin?

The team behind Pixelverse coin is led by Naree Kim (CEO)

1. Naree Kim LinkedIn  (CEO) address

2. Olatunji Fash (CMO)  LinkedIn  address

3. Matthew Lee (Senior Developer) LinkedIn  address

4. Martina Mazziteli (Lead artist) LinkedIn  address

And a host of advisers

How Does Pixel Coin Work?

Here are the features of Pixelverse coin

  • Application

PixelVerse coin features: Application

Artists can effortlessly issue their artwork as an NFT on the Solana blockchain using PixelVerse’s major applications. It also allows users to readily browse the NFTs to start collecting the uncommon NFTs.

  • A Platform for decentralized digital content

Returns full rights for artists and allows them to choose their monetization methods.

Disintermediaries in the digital content value chain is disintermediated, allowing artists to earn significantly more from their work.

Accelerate the payment settlement procedure to ensure that artists are paid regularly.

  • PixelBuild

This allows content creators to create, alter and convert artworks as NFTs

  • Community support

Members of the Pixelverse Network community can use Tokens to safely support fledgling artists and gain a portion of the production’s profits.

  • Artists will receive even more exceptional supplementary support.

Pixelverse Network can assist artists in leveraging the power of the community by providing token economic incentives. When fans of an artist assist with advertising, translating, and engagement outside of the Pixelverse Network to international markets, and these efforts result in sales for the artist, they get rewarded with Pixelverse Tokens.

How to buy Pixelverse Coin (Pixel Coin)

There are many ways to buy the Pixelverse coin, here we will share a few.

How to purchase Pixelverse coin in Trust Wallet and uni swap

  • Download Trust Wallet app

To buy Pixel token from Trust Wallet, you need to first download the Trust Wallet app.

  • Download coin market cap app

After downloading the Trust Wallet app, download the coin market cap app.

Once done downloading both apps, carry out the verification process on Trust Wallet (you can’t use Trust Wallet app without the verification process).

Trustwallet verification

Immediately you are verified, you have to purchase some Ethereum, keep in mind that Ethereum that you’re purchasing now, you’ll be swapping it later on.

purchasing Etherum

After you’ve purchased the Ethereum, go into the coin market cap app, use the search bar and search for pixel verse, you’ll be led to the page below.

How to buy pixelverse coin

Here, you can examine some analytics (check if the price and every other are to your favors), then you scroll down and right where you see Ethereum you’re going to tap on those two boxes.

 buying pixel coin

Once you have copied the address, go back into Trust Wallet, tap on D apps (at the bottom part of the App).

Trustwallet App

Then scroll down and select Uni swap, exchange, allow it to load, once unit swap, exchange loads up, you will see the Ethereum, that you had purchased earlier.

Purchased Ethereum

Tap on “select token” and in the search bar you’re going to paste the link you have just copied,

swap Ethereum for Pixel token

Then tap on import and tap on import again, and now you can swap the Ethereum for the Pixelverse token.

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How to purchase Pixelverse Coin using Bittrex as an exchange platform

Bittrex is a popular alternative currency exchange with a huge number of tradable cryptocurrency pairs.

To buy pixel coins using Bittrex, first, Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

  • Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

This allows you to purchase one significant cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Tow of the most popular used fiat-to-crypto exchange are Coinbase and You can use either of the two.

  • Buy BTC with fiat money.

To purchase, PXL, we need to purchase a popular coin, after registering on your preferred fiat-to-crypto exchanges, you need to purchase Bitcoin.

To purchase Bitcoin, you can use a Credit card and Bank transfer; depending on your country of residence.

You can use any method provided; the methods vary depending on your country.

Bear in mind that PXL is an altcoin, therefore, we need to transfer our BTC to an exchange that PXL can trade

Here, we’ll use Bittrex as our exchange because PXL can be traded on Bittrex.

  • Deposit BTC to Bittrex exchange

Again, you might need to go through the KYC process here, but should take not more than 30 minutes or 24 hours.

You will gain full access to your account immediately done.

  • Trade PXL on Bittrex

On Bittrex, there is a search bar; with BTC selected automatically; because we are trading BTC to altcoin pair.

Click on the search bar and type “PXL”, and you should see PXL/BTC, select the pair and you will see the price chart of PXL/BTC.

Below the chart is a box with a green button inscribed “BUY PXL”, in the box, select the “Market’ tab (This is the easiest buying order).

And enter your amount and select the portion you would love to purchase using the percentage button, confirm everything and click “BUY PXL”.

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