Will Robinhood list Shiba Inu? – Latest on Shiba Inu Token Listing

Shiba Inu coin physical coin on a keyboard

Will Robinhood list Shiba Inu is the question many Shiba Inu faithful has been asking. The Token has recorded a tremendous breakthrough in the last few months. This has seen it increase by approximately 70,000,000% in the last year, giving it a market value of $29 billion. Robinhood, the app that allows you to trade … Read more

Why are African currencies so weak?

Why are African currencies so weak

Do you often ask yourself “Why are African currencies so weak?”, well, we do and if you intend to know why then this guide is for you. We will also consider what African countries can do to better their currencies. A currency is generally defined as a medium of exchange, which is issued and controlled … Read more

Why Forex Trading is not for Everyone

Why Forex Trading is not for Everyone

Is Forex trading really for everyone? What do you think? Considering the nature of Forex trading, many have argued that Forex trading is not for everyone, why some believe it’s for everyone, others believe that it’s not. In this article, we will discuss who is best suited for Forex Trading and why? So If you … Read more

How risky is cryptocurrency trading?

How risky is cryptocurrency trading

If you have been wondering How risky is cryptocurrency trading, just know you are not alone. It’s a popular question in the crypto space and you will find out here, in this article, we will examine the risk involved in trading cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are one of the new investment opportunities that have recently become available. … Read more

10 reasons why you should invest in cryptocurrency

reasons why you should invest in cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrency has seen a major spike in growth over the last several years. People have begun to take notice, and obviously, there are more reasons why you should invest in cryptocurrency now than we ever had. But some still have doubts aboutĀ investingĀ their money in this space. If you are one of those … Read more