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The Top 10 best Forex Calendar App for Forex Traders


If you are a Forex trader or you are just starting forex trading, a forex calendar app is one of the tools you need to be successful in forex trading.

It is a critical tool that provides traders with data that can play a key role in predicting market outcomes or expected changes in the market space.

Prices of currency pairs do not just move up and down randomly, they are influenced.

The up and down movement witnessed in currencies is mostly caused by events, activities such as political activities across the world.

Social and economic changes and environmental occurrences are also instrumental.

These activities and events that influence the market price pairs are what the Forex calendar app helps to highlight in each market to help traders understand and predict when a market might move up or down, this is a great way to help traders make efficient and profitable market decisions.

 What is a Forex Calendar App?

A forex calendar app is an app that provides forex traders with a list and details of economic, social, political, and environmental events that are capable of affecting forex market space.

Every country’s currency is connected to the country’s economic performance, it is paramount as a forex trader that you get notified (on time) about these events and therefore prepare for movements in the markets.

In this guide, we will take into account the top 10 forex calendar apps, our pick is based on reviews from users, accuracy from our test, relevancy of content, and user experience. 

Why do you need a Forex Calendar App as a trader?

As a seasoned forex trader (or even a beginner), you need to be on the lookout for critical market events, news, and trends that are capable of influencing the market.

Sourcing for these events may not be that easy if you aren’t a social type, this is the purpose of the forex calendar app. With these apps, you will have what you need at the tip of your finger.

Forex calendar app brings all the information you need in one place: Having the necessary information you need in one place makes it easier for you as a trader.

Having all of this essential information in one location relieves the burden on the trader, allowing you to make better trading judgments faster effectively.

Different forex trading software has contributed greatly in reducing risk in the market space but what is farfetched is a medium to foresee and incoming market change(s), with the help of the forex calendar app and software, you will be grounded with the right information to make profitable decisions in the market and reduce risk to the barest minimum level. 

As a trader, with the help of the forex calendar app and other software, you stand a better chance in the market.

The forex calendar app presents only information that is useful to the market, this helps a trader filter what he/she need and what is not needed. Instead of fighting through the necessary and unnecessary bulk of information, you get to lay your hands on only what you need.

If there is one thing you need as a trader, it’s the forex calendar app, and here are the best calendar apps you can find out there.

Which forex app is the best?

1. Dukascopy

Siting as one of the best forex calendar apps, the Dukascopy app provides traders with up-to-date foreign exchange market information.

The Dukascopy provides you with rich indicators, quotes, charts, news, calendars, name of data source, an analysis of how significant an event is to the market, historical charts such as previous events that played a key role in the market, their lookalike, period of the event and possible influence on market price movement.

Notable features of this apps include

  • Online FX Quotes (50+ currency pairs)
  • Live Charts
  • FX Market News
  • Calendars
  • Daily High/Low
  • Movers and Shakers
  • Sentiments
  • Pivot Points
  • Pattern Radar
  • Market Signals
  • Signal Providers Top
  • Commitment of Traders
  • Market Watch
  • Currency Index
  • Dukascopy TV

Other features of the app

  • Charts horizontal mode
  • Charts scrolling
  • Charts technical analysis (10+ oscillators)
  • Automatic/manual updates

The app user experience is also wonderful, it’s easy to use and simple to navigate around.

You can find more  here 

2. Forex Factory

Siting second on our list is the Forex Factory, the Forex Factory is notable for its detailed and analytical method of delivering information regarding market indicators.

Forex Factory provides not just news and relevant information, it also shares links to the original information, analysis of the possible influence on the market.

Detailed clarification, historical report and analysis, data and charts, related topics, news and why they are essential to the market, the indicators full name, and best possible decision for traders to take.

As a trader, having Forex Factory helps you understand projections and possible best market decisions.

3. FXStreet

The FXStreet is unique and user-friendly- it is comfortably sitting as the fourth forex calendar app because of its unique method of detailing and defining the indicators.

Aside from providing important information, the FXStreet forex calendar app provides links to official reports, historical charts, forecast and deviation plots, the expected market impact of events on most currencies.

They also provide thoughts from experts; this is a great way to get access to the opinions of an expert at your comfort.

4. Econoday

Econoday is one of the best forex calendar app, Econoday on the net, it is fast updating and interactive economic and provide users with important events and information that affect the forex market.

As one of the best forex calendar apps, Econoday explains the indicators, historical chart of events and activities that are only relevant, provide data, in-depth analysis, recent events, and their possible effect on the market.

Their “why investors Care” link gives additional detail on events, details such as frequency of an event, original data source, methodology, and period of the event.

With the Econoday app, you are getting information as fast as they break out.

As stated previously, being better informed is key to being successful in the forex marketing space.

Changes can happen as fast information breaks out; it is, therefore, essential that you use a forex calendar app that is fast in information delivery.

Econoday is popular for its information deliverability.

5. BabyPips

With an excellent user interface and a detailed way of reporting critical financial events, Babypips is a great forex calendar app, it provides users with details on events as they occur, event impact predictions analysis.

The BabuPips economic calendar app is helpful to keep yourself informed of important news and economic data reports that are capable of influencing the financial market.

6. Investing.com

Investing.com is the sixth on our list, this is a great forex calendar app with a detailed description of indicators.

Investing.com is accuracy-driven in its analysis of events as it affects the financial market.

Top-notch reportage with links to the official source page, historical data, and charts, investing.com can provide data as far back as decades.

7. MQL5.com

Just like other forex calendar apps, MQL5 describes events, with a link to the official source page, analysis of the impact on the market, reference to previous events capable of affecting the movement of the market.

Recent events, charts, forecasts, a historical data table. If you are a beginner, MQL5 is a good place to start with.

8. Trading Economics

Placed 9th on our list, The Trading Economic is one of the best forex calendar apps on the net.

Trading Economics gives a detailed explanation of the indicators, provides links to the official source page, historical chart, previous but similar events, a quick chart view directly in the calendar table, related news, and their possible influence on the market.

9. Myfxbook

Myfxbook is another great forex calendar app, that provides a textual update on events with a link to the official source page, historical chart of data, forecast, and views.

10. TeleTrader.com

TeleTrader is a great forex calendar app but provides only a basic indicator description linked to the official source page. If you have been in the forex space for a long, you will find the TeleTrader useful but for a more detailed analysis, you may need more than the TeleTrader calendar app.

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Wrapping up

The Forex Calendar App is a great tool to help you stay on top of upcoming economic news releases. With it, you can monitor global economic data to have a better idea of where the market might be going.

This app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, so you can download it right now and see what it’s all about!

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