Top 6 Best NFT Minting Platforms and their unique features NFT Minting Platforms

In this article, we examine the 6 best NFT Minting Platforms and what makes them unique.  What is minting Crypto? Minting cryptocurrency is the process of generating new units of cryptocurrency. Minting creates a new block, validates the information, and records that information in the blockchain. The minting process also validates transactions on the blockchain, … Read more

How to buy Pixelverse Coin- A Step by Step Guide

Pixelverse coin

In this article, we will examine how profitable the Pixelverse coin is and explain step-by-step, how you can buy the Pixelverse coin. What is Pixelverse coin? Pixelverse coin (PIXEL) is a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum network and a next-generation content platform. Launched in 2021, Pixelverse coin supports communities and content creators to digitalize their … Read more

How to participate in USD$50,000 ATA Airdrop

how to claim ATA Airdrop

Interested in participating in  ATA Airdrop? One of the most essential elements of every decentralized application (dApps) is a privacy and Automata (ATA) is composed to be the top privacy solution for decentralized applications (dApps). What is Automata (ATA)? Automata is a high-speed computing protocol (or a decentralized service protocol) targeted at providing Web 3.0 applications and … Read more