Best Cardano Metaverse Projects to consider for Investment

There is a lot of potential in the “Cardano Metaverse Projects” that are capable of earning you a good amount of money with 50X.” Just like they say, there is always money to be made.

We already know about Axie Infinity, the Sandbox, Decentraland, many projects has been pumping because Facebook changed its name to Meta, alluding to the metaverse world and after that many coins related to gaming projects exploded.

And now we know that Microsoft is also into it. So, they’re major companies. We also expect Google to get into it and also many others to start building projects on this.

So we can see some hype here as we saw with NFTs.

Because NFTs are included here. “Five Cardano-base metaverse games you should know about.

Keep in mind, the games we’ll be talking about is super early now for..” So these could be for 50X or 100X.

“We’re seeing a new concept coming up more and more called play to earn video games. One of the most successful games is Axie Infinity on the Ethereum blockchain.

Keep in mind that Axie Infinity has over a one billion dollar economy already. So yeah, these have been pumping a lot.

“So it’s going to take some time to see the maturity that Ethereum has built over the years.

However, if you get in early on one of these play-to-earn video games, and it ends up being the Axie Infinity of Cardano, you’re going to reap the rewards and gain all the benefits when the game launches in the future.

Without further ado, here are the 5 Cardano Metaverse Projects that you should know

5 Cardano Metaverse Projects that you should know

The first one is Drunken Dragon.

1. Drunken Dragon

Cardano Metaverse Projects

With this project, you will run a tavern or inn for players and what they call adventures.

You can have NFTs here, so this game is very similar to Axie Infinity in terms of the concept of being an NFT video game where you can farm PvE PVP to get rewards and sell that on the marketplace.

It’s a long way for this to go live. The beta will open in Q3 of 2023, and this game won’t be officially launched until 2024.

So there’s a lot of time ahead, but anyway. You can have some opportunities to go and buy NFTs on there.

The marketplace of this will use cnft, which is a Cardano marketplace for NFTs. So maybe you can buy something if it’s not too expensive.

Drunken Dragon’s website is very simple. Everything has a pixeled look. The video game is still in the making, but you can go to CNFT tools, and you can already see some of the NFTs that you can buy.

For example, this one is rarity rank one, which means it’s very rare. It doesn’t have a price here, but this one is 179 ADA.

So basically with $400, you can buy it, and you can hold it. You can hold this NFT until 2024 and probably when the project launches you will probably make like 20X, 30X, 40X or more on it because of the rarity of the item.

You’ll need to get into NFTs to understand this. Here, see many of the other things because you’ll run a tavern, so you have all this here.

None of this has many followers, they are just pumping on the Cardano information. Moving into the second one, which is

2. Cardano Warriors


Cardano Metaverse Projects: Cardano Warriors

Cardano warriors are similar to the other project and to Axie Infinity where you can interact with the game and have different NFTs that you can sell on the marketplace.

Here, you as a player can purchase these warriors to complete quests and PVP PvE and gain more collectables as you play the game.

Each warrior possesses a different kind of trait, this will increase its value, some get stronger and some weaker depending on the characters of the warrior you purchased.

Also, this is a long time away from the launch, but they are waiting to launch in Q4 2022 eventually, so we are one year away from that.

In this market plate for Cardano Warriors, there are pixeled warriors that you can purchase already, each warrior with different traits.

You can already test play a little and have a look and feel of how it’s going to work, so that’s good. Well, the NFT strategy and anatomy look good.

The third project is HashGuardians.

3. HashGuardians


HashGuardians is essentially NFT based. However, this introduces a different kind of unique competitive advantage, which is passive income through their coin called Hashcoin.

In HashGuardians game, you will have hashcoin to do things in the game, and you can hold this and get passive income.

With every single NFT character, every hash guardian you own, you will be able to get 100 harshcoin per NFT.

So if you have own like 10 of them, you will get a thousand every single month.

This will be classified as passive income, and the coins can be either used to sell for real money or you can use it to purchase in-game, current in-game items to help boost your character.

In this game, there are different kinds of games you can play, and when you win, you get nft collectable which you can sell or used to make your character stronger.

The next project is Chibidango Heroes.

4. Chibidango Heroes


Chibidango Heroes Game

The Chibidango Heroes is similar to the other ones with NFTs, you can do quest mini-games and earn nfts and subsequently sell for money.

The Chibidango Heroes have a cool website, you can see everything there, and it’s very well explained, the graphics look a bit better.

Let’s go into the last one which is Cornucopias

5. Cornucopias

Cornucopias is a little different to the other projects because it’s more of a metaverse than any just regular NFT collectable game. Cornucopias
picture from Medium

A good counterpart to this video game is Decentraland. So basically Decentraland is the metaverse where you can purchase land or sandbox as well. That’s another big metaverse game on Ethereum.

We can compare this one to those projects but so to Axie Infinity, and more like, it’s in the sandbox of the Decentraland.

You need to know that in Decentraland, many people and famous people are buying land in the metaverse world, so it could be the same for this project on Cardano blockchain.

So you can purchase land and use it to make businesses and create stuff on there. That is essentially what the Metaverse will look like, like Sandbox but for Cardano.

The good part of this game is that on their official website, you have access to information about the team behind the game.

They have a lot of experience with blockchain and video games. So the team behind this is very cool. Advisers also know what they are doing here.

They already have some partners on this project, and so it looks very solid, actually.

You can see their GitHub and everything. In terms of community, they are not that big, they have only but, 7000 followers on Twitter at the time of this work.

That’s it, there you have your 5 Promising Cardano Metaverse Projects.

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Summary of 5 promising Cardano Metaverse Projects to consider

Cardano has a lot of potential, and the technology is still in development. This means that there are many promising projects to choose from in the Cardano ecosystem. The 5 projects mentioned above have what it takes to become big hits in their respective categories.

We believe these projects will have an impact on the future of Cardano and its ecosystem. They are all worth keeping a close eye on, so if you’re interested in learning more or participating, please visit their websites to learn more.

Do you think there are other projects not listed here that should be? Let us know in the comments section below!

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